You can use any ad for any profession and place an order. You will then receive an instant email with a questionnaire where you can upload your photo and describe your profession.

Place your order, and you'll receive an email instantly to choose details for your logo. After filling out the details, you'll have your logo ready in 3 days!

3. How long will it take to get my cartoon?

You will receive your cartoon logo within 3 business days after payment. Also, when placing an order, you will be offered the option of super fast delivery within 24 hours 

4. What do I need to order a cartoon logo?

A photo is required from you. Any selfie of any quality is suitable, where your facial features are visible, and we, in turn, will draw beauty. You can also fill out the brief if you want your cartoon to have certain details

5. Do I need to send a full-body photo?

Not necessary. It is enough to describe the type of body, and we will draw the body ourselves

6. How can I upload my photo?

Immediately after payment, you will receive an instant message to your mail. There will be a link to the brief where you can upload all the necessary photos and answer simple questions about the details which you want to clarify

7. Do I pay immediately or after receiving the logo?

We always take full prepayment because it takes about 8 hours to create each logo. You can always contact us if you need revision. You can be sure it's absolutely safe. We have a lot of reviews from customers and we always complete orders on time

8. Can I see the draft before the finished logo?

Our policy is never to show drafts just because it looks completely different from final picture! But don't worry we always leave our customers happy and satisfied 

9. Is it hand-drawn or photoshopped?

All our logos are 100% hand-drawn and take up to 8 hours to create each. We regularly show the logo creation process in instagram stories. There is no program that can replace the artist and make such a logo.

10. Is it a digital or physical file to be delivered?

You will receive the digital file in the best quality and in a printable format in png with a colored and transparent background. You can print your logo on canvas or poster on any subject related to your business.